I’m Sajeev kumar,
wildlife Photographer

According to me, we all are talented and passionate. It is important to discover the things that keep us alive and positive and embrace them. As a Sales Manager, I am nurturing my passion for photography alongside my professional responsibilities. The happiness I feel when capturing beautiful moments is inexpressible.

About Me

I am born and brought up in Kattakada Trivandrum, Kerala-India. After the successful completion of my degree, I thrived for various job opportunities and landed in a few of them successfully.

The turning point happened to me when I had an opportunity to move here to Qatar. Since then, time flew for 12 years and my current job profile is Sales Manager. Blessed with a loving and supportive family, we are blessed with a son and a daughter evolving and growing along.

To me, photography is a passion. It is my stress-buster. The relief that I enjoy through each frame that I capture, can’t be explained in words. According to me, managing a career alongside a passion is a part of this process. Each one of us here is talented and passionate. We will have to explore and invent things that keep us creative, lead a healthy positive life, and cherish those moments.

Got Recognised

“It is my intention to present -through the medium of
photography -intuitive observations of the natural
worldwhich may have meaning to the spectators.”

- Ansel Adams